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What Makes Our Myrtle Beach Dinner Show Worth the Visit

January 16, 2024

If you only have time to visit one attraction on your Myrtle Beach vacation, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is a great place to go! Our Myrtle Beach dinner show is unlike any other in the area and has something for everyone to enjoy. Who can say no to an action-packed pirate battle with thrilling stunts, live animal tricks, acrobatics, and a four-course feast? Keep reading to find out what makes our Myrtle Beach dinner show worth the visit:

We Cater to All Ages and Interests

Many attractions in the Myrtle Beach area are kid-friendly, but if you want to visit somewhere that caters to all ages, then you’ll want to visit Pirates Voyage! Our show is popular for families because we have something for everyone. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors will all find excitement at our show. We have sea lions and dogs for the animal lovers, tricks and stunts for those who love a thrill, and a captivating storyline for those who like drama. Whether you’re in town with your family, your sweetheart, or a large group, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is worth the visit!

We Have Surprising Moments You Won’t Expect

sword fight at Pirates Voyage

Our Myrtle Beach dinner show is the furthest thing from predictable. You may be expecting a fun pirate battle, but we offer so much more than that! Throughout the evening, you’ll witness surprising moments and unforgettable tricks that you’ll have to see to believe. For example, our pirates take sword fighting to the next level by battling on deck, on land, in water, and in the air high above their full-sized pirate ships! You won’t believe your eyes as they scale the ships and perform impressive acrobatics during choreographed battles. Other exciting moments you won’t expect are fire stunts, sea lion tricks, and high dives!

We Provide a Full Evening of Fun

Another reason Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is worth the visit is because we provide a full evening of fun! Not only will our incredible performance keep you entertained, but there are opportunities for entertainment before and after the show as well. Arrive early to Join the Crew and be transformed into a pirate or a mermaid with our makeovers, or visit Pirates Treasure® for the perfect souvenir to bring home from our show. You can also spend time enjoying grub and specialty drinks at our Pirates After Dark™ bar!

We Offer a Great Value

family eating at Pirates Voyage

Our Myrtle Beach dinner show offers the best value in town! Instead of spending money at both restaurants and attractions throughout the area, enjoy the best of both at our attraction all for one ticket price. We offer a delicious four-course dinner that’s enough to feed the hungriest of pirates while you watch the action unfold in Buccaneer Bay. We also provide a great value for groups! Not only will everyone in your group enjoy the experience, but we have special discount pricing for groups of 20 people or more. You can’t beat the value of our Myrtle Beach attraction!

We’re Unlike Any Other Attraction

If you only have time to visit one attraction in town, you’re going to want to choose something that stands out and is unlike any other you’ll find. Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is that place! We provide guests of all ages with an experience they won’t find anywhere else. While there may be other pirate attractions around, nothing compares to the action-packed show and mouth-watering feast you’ll get at our Myrtle Beach dinner show. From our daring stunts and tricks to our talented live animal performers, Pirates Voyage provides one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Are you ready to experience the magic of Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show and find out for yourselves why our show is worth the visit? Browse our show schedule, and get your tickets today.

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