Animal Care at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

We are honored to work with sea lions and our other animal performers. We pride ourselves on providing the best care for all the stars of our show. In partnership with Ocean Connections, a leader in marine animal care, we prioritize our animals’ health and welfare by having on-site professionals that work alongside a veterinary team ensuring each animal receives the best possible nutrition, environment, and care.

sea lion at Pirates Voyage

On top of having regular physical examinations from our veterinary team, our sea lions are treated to daily vitamins, high-quality diets, and enjoy a meticulously cared for environment. Our extensive diet preparation process guarantees that only the best fish are fed to our animals.

The animal care specialists at Ocean Connections sanitize the land areas and maintain their aquatic environment daily. Water tests are performed several times throughout the day to replicate a natural ocean habitat and a full filtration system ensures clean water for our animals. We are a USDA licensed facility and exceed all their regulations and guidelines and receive an annual certification.

The foundation of our training is built on a trusting relationship between our animal care specialists and our sea lions.

Ocean Connections utilizes positive reinforcement when working with animals and all interactions are completely voluntary. This process makes training an incredibly positive experience and provides enriching stimulation for animals while encouraging problem solving skills, exercise, and fun.

We are committed to providing forever homes to marine mammals unable to survive in the wild and have given a second chance at life to ten rescued pinnipeds. We go above and beyond in the caring of our animal performers so they can live the best life, often doubling and tripling the lifespan of sea lions in the wild. It is an honor having marine mammals in our care and it is our hope that by connecting guests with our animals we inspire positive action toward wildlife, nature, and our world’s ocean.

“I am very proud of our trainers, staff and the quality care our animals receive.”

sea lion splashing at Pirates Voyage
black wooden board
black wooden board