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Top 10 Things All Guests Love at Our Pigeon Forge Dinner Show

November 22, 2023

There is so much to love about our Pigeon Forge dinner show! When you visit Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, you can expect an action-packed evening filled with fun, feast, and adventure. Whether you’re visiting with your family, a group of friends, or your sweetheart, everyone will have a great time at our dinner attraction. To help you learn more, we’ve made a list of the top 10 things all guests love at our Pigeon Forge dinner show:

1. Our Dinner

Of course, our dinner show wouldn’t be what it is today without our four-course feast! Our Me Hearties Feast is made to satisfy even the hungriest of pirates and landlubbers. Enjoy a Buccaneer Biscuit, Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup, Cracklin’ Pan-Fried Chicken, Swashbucklin’ Sugar-Cured Ham, Cob-O’ Buttery Corn, a Pirate Herb-Basted Potato, and a Walk the Plank Specialty Dessert, along with unlimited Coca-Cola®, tea, or coffee. To ensure everyone gets to enjoy both dinner and our show, we have vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan meals available upon request.

2. Captain Blackbeard

Blackbeard entering Pirates Voyage

Captain Blackbeard is a show-stopping character in our Pigeon Forge dinner show. He, along with his quartermaster, Calico Jack, lead the Crimson and Sapphire crews in a battle on land, on deck, in water, and in the air for the hidden pirate treasure. From the moment he enters Buccaneer Bay, he’ll captivate the audience!

3. Sword Fighting

It wouldn’t be an epic pirate battle without some sword fighting. Enjoy impressive sword fights between the two pirate crews as they battle for the coveted treasure. Your eyes will be glued to the performance as you watch the battle unfold right before your eyes.

4. Acrobatics

Part of what makes our action-packed show so special is the great number of stunts and tricks throughout it. Our talented performers showcase impressive acrobatic feats and aerial stunts as they battle on land, at sea, and high above their full-sized pirate ships.

5. Beautiful Mermaids

Mermaids at Pirates Voyage

Pirates aren’t the only performers who get to have all the fun. Guests love when our beautiful mermaids make an appearance and show off their diving tricks and aerial stunts. Watch as they perform gracefully above Buccaneer Bay before diving back into the water.

6. Salty the Sea Lion

A crowd favorite during our Pigeon Forge dinner show is Salty the Sea Lion! Salty joins in on the fun as he battles Captain Blackbeard and uses his dance moves and other clever tricks to ultimately win.

7. Daring Dogs

Sea lions aren’t the only animals you’ll see at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show! We also have daring, dock-diving dogs who join in the action and capture the hearts of all our audience members.

8. Beautiful Birds

Every pirate needs his bird companion! Our show features exotic birds that soar throughout our theater. Watch as a beautiful macaw takes flight and lands on one of our pirate’s arms!

If you love watching our animal performers, you’ll love our Animal Encounter that allows you to get up close and interact with them. Learn more about our Animal Encounter here.

9. Fire Act

fire act at Pirates Voyage

One of the most impressive tricks during our Pigeon Forge dinner show is our astonishing fire act. Watch in amazement as one of our talented performers juggles and twirls real fire as he lights up Buccaneer Bay in flames!

10. Our Fun Before the Show

Another thing guests love at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is that the fun begins long before the action on stage takes place. Visitors can Join the Crew and choose a pirate or mermaid makeover, complete with facial makeup and fun accessories. Our Join the Crew experience is available for all ages for an extra fee and will make you feel just like a part of the show! You can also check out our delicious specialty drinks and food at the Pirates After Dark™ bar and browse our gift shop to find the perfect souvenir to take back home. There’s not a single dull moment during your visit to Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show!

Visit Our Pigeon Forge Dinner Show

Ready to find out which of these 10 things you’ll love the most when you visit Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show? Take a look at our show schedule, and get your tickets to our Pigeon Forge dinner show today.

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