Salty the Sea Lion on stage

How We Care for Our Animals at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach

December 8, 2023

If you’ve been to see our show before, you know that one of guests’ favorite parts is our live animal performers! Salty the Sea Lion, our daring dogs, and our tropical birds all capture the hearts of our audience members. At Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach, the safety and care of our animals is our top priority. We can ensure all visitors that each of our animals is well taken care of and receives the best possible nutrition, environment, and care. To help you learn more, we’ve created a guide to how we care for our animals at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach:

Veterinary Team & Daily Nutrition

In partnership with Ocean Connections, we prioritize our animals’ health and welfare by having on-site professionals who work alongside a veterinary team to provide our performers with the best care. Our veterinary team provides regular physical examinations, as well as treats our sea lions to daily vitamins, high-quality diets, and an environment that’s designed to fit their needs. We also go through extensive diet preparation that guarantees only the best fish are fed to our animals!

Daily Sanitization

Salty the sea lion

In addition to daily nutrition, the specialists at Ocean Connections make sure our animals’ environment is taken care of daily. They sanitize the land areas and maintain the aquatic environment, including multiple water tests throughout the day to replicate a natural ocean habitat. A full filtration system ensures clean water for our animals!

Positive Reinforcement Training

It’s important to us that our training is built on a foundation of a trusting relationship between our animal care specialists and our sea lions. That’s why we use positive reinforcement when working with our animals and ensure that all interactions are completely voluntary. We turn training into a positive experience for everyone involved and provide enriching stimulation for animals while encouraging problem-solving skills, exercise, and fun. You can learn more about our positive reinforcement training and its success during our Animal Encounter experience!

About Ocean Connections

Ocean Connections is a leader in marine animal care! We’ve partnered with them to help us guarantee the safety and health of all of our animal performers. The company fosters a relationship with our sea lions and ensures the exceptional welfare of these special animals.

Learn More About the Animals at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach

pirate with dog performer from Pirates Voyage

Would you love to learn more about our animal performers at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach? Get tickets to our Animal Encounter! During this 30-minute educational program, you’ll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with Salty the Sea Lion and our other animal performers, as well as learn more about our positive reinforcement training and how we care for our animals. It’s a great way to better understand the work that goes into keeping our animals safe and happy, and to interact with sea lions, dogs, and birds!

Our Animal Encounter is available every day, with the exception of Christmas. Get your Animal Encounter tickets today to learn more about the animals at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach!

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