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Benefits of Enjoying Both a Dinner and a Show on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

February 14, 2024

There’s so much more to Myrtle Beach than just the ocean! While we’re sure you’d like to spend some time relaxing in the sand and splashing in the waves, you’ll have plenty of other options for entertainment. When you’re searching for the perfect thing to do that the whole family will love, look no further than Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show! Nothing compares to the combination of food and entertainment. To help you learn more, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of enjoying both a dinner and a show on your Myrtle Beach vacation:

1. Combined Food & Fun

Acrobatics at Pirates Voyage

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is the most fun place to eat in Myrtle Beach! This is because it offers a combination of food and fun. Why worry about finding both an attraction and a restaurant in one evening when you can enjoy both at one place? While you watch an action-packed show, you’ll get to feast on a delicious meal.

When you visit our dinner show in Myrtle Beach, you’ll experience an action-packed performance and a four-course pirate feast. The show features an epic pirate battle that includes sword fighting, cannons blazing, acrobatics, and more. The meal includes everything from Swashbucklin’ Sugar-Cured Ham to Matey’s Mac and Cheese.

2. Not a Minute of Boredom

When you visit a dinner show on Myrtle Beach, you don’t have to worry about there being a minute of boredom! There’s no small talk or forced conversations while dining, just fun! When you visit Pirates Voyage on your Myrtle Beach vacation, you’ll be entertained from the moment you walk through the doors. Arrive early to Join the Crew with our pirate and mermaid makeovers, then take your seats and get ready for an action-packed evening filled with pirate battles, high-diving mermaids, and live animal tricks. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic tale that unfolds right before your eyes!

3. Won’t Go Hungry

new Myrtle Beach feast with mac and cheese

Another benefit of enjoying both a dinner and a show while you’re in Myrtle Beach is that you definitely won’t go hungry! We know how difficult it can be to enjoy an attraction while you’re dealing with hunger pains, which is why you’ll have so much more fun at a dinner show. Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show serves each of our guests a four-course feast that will satisfy any appetite. It starts off with our Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup and continues with a Buccaneer Biscuit, Half O’ Roasted Cackler (Chicken), Swashbucklin’ Sugar-Cured Ham, Cob O’ Buttery Corn, Matey’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and Apple O’ Me Eye Pie. You’ll also have unlimited Coca-Cola®, tea, or coffee, so you won’t go thirsty either!

4. Something Unique

Another benefit of visiting a dinner and a show on your Myrtle Beach vacation is that it provides a unique experience. Instead of spending every day of your vacation on the beach, visit a dinner attraction for one-of-a-kind entertainment! The pre-show activities like our Join the Crew experience, our pirate show, and our four-course feast are unlike anything else around. You’ll be talking about your evening at Pirates Voyage long after the vacation is over!

Now that you know the benefits of enjoying a dinner and a show in Myrtle Beach, we bet you can’t wait to start planning your trip! Take a look at our Pirates Voyage show schedule, and get your tickets today.

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