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Your A-Z Guide for Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge

February 2, 2024

Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge provides visitors an evening of Fun, Feast, and Adventure™! We wanted to help you learn more about our dinner show in Pigeon Forge in a new and fun way, so we’ve created an A-Z guide to all-things Pirates Voyage! Take a look at our A-Z guide to Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge to find out what you will see and love here.


Our show is much more than just a typical pirate battle. Our performers go above and beyond to entertain the audience. Guests are blown away by the impressive acrobatics shown as our pirates battle on land, on deck, in water, and in the air! Our mermaids join in the action as well with high-diving and aerial stunts.


Blackbeard entering Pirates Voyage

The leader of our show is Captain Blackbeard. The famous pirate, along with his quartermaster Calico Jack, lead their crews in an exciting battle for the coveted pirate treasure.


Are you Team Crimson or Team Sapphire? The Crimson and Sapphire crews perform stunts and tricks as they battle for treasure, and your seat determines which crew you get to cheer for to win! Our theater has sections for the Crimson Crew and the Sapphire Crew. If you purchase your tickets online, you can choose which section you prefer to sit in!

Daring Dogs

Our human performers aren’t the only ones who entertain the audience! We also have a few animal performers who show off their skills, including some daring dogs. Watch as our dogs dive off the dock and join in on all the action.

Epic Voyage

Acrobatics at Pirates Voyage

You’ll set sail on an epic voyage when you visit Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge. Two full-sized pirate ships set the stage for this incredible journey. You’ll feel like you’re actually at sea in the heart of the Smoky Mountains as you follow the performers along for a tale of high seas escapades and romance.

Four-Course Feast

Our pirate feast is one of guests’ favorite parts of our attraction! The four-course meal is enough to feed both landlubbers and pirates alike. Whether it’s our famous soup, our main dishes, or our Apple O’ Me Eye Pie, you’ll find something to love on our menu. We also offer special meals upon request for those with dietary restrictions.

Gift Shop

You can’t leave our show without a little pirate treasure of your own! Luckily for you, we have an incredible gift shop with the best souvenirs, apparel, and more. Browse through plush animals, t-shirts, handcrafted pirate ships, ceramic mermaids, and more. You can even get some of our creamy soup mix to take back home with you!

High Seas Escapades

Pirate performing rope trick

Say hello to the high seas when you visit Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge! You’ll be swept away into a world of adventure as our pirate performers battle at sea. When you step foot into Buccaneer Bay, you’ll witness pirates scaling their ships, blazing cannons, and impressive fire tricks.

Incredible Production

You can expect an incredible production when you visit our dinner attraction. The energy, talent, and excitement of our cast and crew is unmatched. From pyrotechnics to music, the production of our show takes it to the next level!

Join the Crew

Want to feel like you’re a part of the show? Join the Crew with our pirate and mermaid makeovers. Guests of all ages can choose to be transformed into a swashbuckling pirate or a beautiful mermaid for an additional fee. This interactive experience contributes to an unforgettable evening!


mermaid makeover

One of the best parts about our Pigeon Forge dinner show is that we have something for all ages. It can be difficult on vacation to find an activity that both kids and adults will love, but it’s easy when you visit Pigeon Forge! Kids love Pirates Voyage. Let them be transformed into a pirate or mermaid, get them a plush animal at the gift shop, and enjoy a tasty meal and family-friendly entertainment when you take your seats in our theater.


One important part of our set is our indoor hideaway lagoon. This 15-feet-deep lagoon transports guests from the Smoky Mountains to the sea. It gives our dogs and mermaids the opportunity to show off their diving skills, and our pirates get to battle in the water as well!


Although our show centers around a pirate battle, that doesn’t mean pirates are the only ones you can expect to see. Our beautiful mermaids perform incredible aerial and diving stunts that will captivate the entire audience.

Non-Stop Action

fire act at Pirates Voyage

If you’re hoping for an evening of non-stop action, then our show is the perfect place to be. Whether you’re watching pirates scale their ships as they battle with swords or our unbelievable fire trick, there won’t be a minute of boredom the entire evening. You even get to watch while you dine!


You won’t find anything quite like Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show anywhere else in Pigeon Forge. Our dinner attraction provides visitors with the unique opportunity to be transported from the mountains right to the sea and introduces them to a whole new world of adventure.


Of course, our guide wouldn’t be complete without including pirates on it! Our talented pirate performers draw our visitors in and welcome everyone to their epic journey at sea. You haven’t seen a pirate battle quite like this ever before. You’ll experience an unbelievable sword fight, stunning acrobatics, singing and dancing, and more.


pirates sword fighting

We invite everyone to join the Crimson and Sapphire crews on their quest for the treasure! The pirates search the seas high and low for Davy Jones’ coveted sunken treasure. It’s no easy quest, though! Along the way, they’ll face challenging battles and run into mermaids, a sea lion, and more.


Our show isn’t all fighting and battles! Audience members can enjoy some romance as well. It’s the perfect combination of excitement, adventure, and romance that causes this dramatic tale to be a can’t-miss show.

Sea Lions

One of guests’ favorite parts of the show is when Salty the Sea Lion takes the stage to compete in a battle against Captain Blackbeard. Salty and a comical castaway battle it out with Blackbeard, and Salty gets to show off his tricks and dance moves to ultimately win the fight! Our attraction is the closest you’ll get to a sea lion in the Smokies!

Tropical Birds

Pirates Voyage performer holding a tropical bird

What’s a pirate without his bird? Our beautiful tropical birds catch the eyes of everyone in the audience as they soar through the theater before landing on the arms of our pirate performers.

Unlimited Beverages

To complement our feast, each guest will be offered unlimited beverages! Choose from endless cups of Coca-Cola® products, coffee, or tea. If you’re feeling thirsty before or after the show, head to our Pirates After Dark™ bar for a specialty drink! Although drinks at the bar are not included with the meal, they’re just what you need to wet your whistle.

Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup

One thing we can’t go without mentioning is our Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup. This signature soup kicks off our pirate feast and has quickly become a favorite among everyone who visits us. In fact, it’s so popular that we started selling our soup mix in our gift shop and online so that you can make it at home!

Wonderful Value

family eating at Pirates Voyage

If you’re searching for an attraction with the best value, look no further than Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge. Instead of paying separate bills at restaurants and attractions, enjoy both dinner and entertainment for one ticket price. Plus, the memories you’ll make at our show are priceless! We also offer special discount pricing for groups of 20 people or more.

eXciting Tricks

The exciting tricks during our show are part of what sets our attraction apart from others. One popular trick is our astonishing fire act. Watch as one of our performers juggles and twirls real fire as he lights Buccaneer Bay in flames! You’ll also love the high diving, acrobatics, and animal tricks at our show.


Yo-ho-ho! Brush up on your pirate lingo before visiting us in Pigeon Forge. We’ve brought pirate fun and adventure right to the heart of the mountains! If you’re looking for something different to do in the Smokies, our dinner show is the place to be.


Mermaids at Pirates Voyage

One word to describe our show: amazing. We’re more than just a pirate show — we’re an experience. From the minute you arrive at our attraction to the minute you leave, you’ll experience non-stop excitement and entertainment. Nothing compares to the memories you’ll make while you’re here, and you’ll be talking about what a great time you had for days and weeks to come!

Ahoy, matey! Are you ready to experience the magic of Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge for yourselves? Take a look at our show schedule, and get your tickets today!

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